LUV12Burnin Tears are Simonlebon, Lee Stevens & Curley Sue

Their trademark sound is a gentle amalgamation of classic 80’s synths and drum machines, bitter sweet vocals and swirling pads reminiscent of the glorious days of Housemuisc and Italo-Disco. This is often backed up by a generous portion of dubby organ and piano chords. The strong musical references to 80s pop are never denied, however with the knowledge of the ‘good groove’ firmly implanted, the Burnin Tears sound never succumbs to musical clichés.

In the late 90ies, when Vienna´s music scene was boiling, Simonlebon was just beginning to make himself a name as a DJ. Collecting all kinds of music from the very beginning by the mid 00’s he had already put a stamp on Viennas music scene, being known as a versatile and hard working DJ.

In turn Lee Stevens had just begun to bring his passion for collecting and assembling rare music to the next level, playing elusive Disco and House sets. From 2008 to 2011 he was working for two clubs in Vienna, where he and Simon met and immediately connected through their understanding of music; Disco, Dub, Italo, Afro-Funk, 80’s New Wave and of course House Music were the common denominator. Consecutively they have been working together as resident Djs, bookers and promoters and finally started producing together.

While working for Klein Records and Tjumy Records, Simon and Stefan gained first insights into a&r work aswell as how to run a label and more and more they came in touch with the process of music production. Their common musical background and vision as DJs and promoters lead to the formation of the project Burnin’ Tears, the name being a hommage to the legendary reggae band Burning Spear.

The duo wanted to move on as producers and began looking for like minded musical minds to build up an outlet for their own music and to exchange production skills. Stefan & Simon had found the right partners in Jakobin & Domino and LeSale and Luv Shack Records was created in summer 2011. 2012 saw three solo tracks, two remixes and a Burin Tears EP on Luv Shack.

In 2013 Burnin Tears will contribute some new productions to Luv Shack, as well as a number of remixes and aditionally some of their productions are to be released on compilations by Jozif and Force Of Nature.

PRESS & BOOKING: Paloma Giacomini (press@luvshackrecords.com)


Burnin Tears – Confessions – LUV001
Burnin Tears – How I Feel – LUV002
Burnin Tears – Got A Reason – LUV003
Burnin Tears – Just The Same – LUV003
LeSale – We Go Straight Ahead (Burnin Tears Remix) – LUV004
Jakobin & Domino – Lately (Burnin Tears Revice) – LUV006
Burnin Tears – Your Fantasy – LUV007

Julian & Der Fux – Altes Ego (Burnin Tears Remix) – j.hruza Records
Darko Kustura – The Haunting (Burnin Tears Remix) – Home Made
Burnin Tears & Jakobin – Heartcore – LUV010-1
Allen Alexis – Who Cares (Burnin Tears Remix) – Lamb Lane Records
Martin Brodin – Vicious Games (Burnin Tears Remix) – Nang Records
I-Wolf & The Chainreactions – Exploitation Blues (Burnin Tears Remix) – Seayou Records

Burnin Tears – Permanent Midnite (feat Georges Perin) – LUV012
Burnin Tears – U Don’t Get Me (feat Jakobin) – LUV012
Mavin – Still Believe (Burnin Tears & Jakobin Remix) – Pakalolo Soundlab